Fixing the Site, long to do list.

Hey guys, you have all given GREAT feedback and constructive criticism that we have taken into consideration, and made a to do list, and are currently changing many things wrong with YTT. We are working on all of it, and have every complaint or suggestion noted, trying to fix them all one by one.
I know not much has changed yet as we are pretty busy during the week with work and other things, and only have a limited time at night to work, but so far we have completely redesigned the forum and made it – what we think, to be a much more eye pleasing and user friendly forum. We are working behind the scenes to fix the kinks!

It still has a similar sleek design, but less white and we have changed the main color from coral, since many said it was hard on the eyes. We hope that with the new design a lot of the glitchy features and confusion will subside since it will be pulled together more.

However, we have a list of things we are going to try to implement, just a few for instance that we are looking into are *thanks button *emoticons *making things more customizable IE timezone *unread posts link *bbcode instead of html *post count and rank, and MANY others.

I just wanted to make a formal news announcement so you guys know we haven’t forgotten you or your suggestions, and we have taken note of every single one that has been made. We are determined to make this site a better place for us all, and all of your feedback has been excellent in helping us get to that position. Neither of us have ever made or been in charge of a forum before so we are extremely new at this! I hope you all stick with us while we do make the changes and try to make this site a more user friendly and successful place.


I also want to add that while we are working on the bbcode there is a link you can use for reference to post your images or links in the meantime until we get it sorted, all of those codes DO work on YTT so feel free to save that link and use it if you would like while we work out that issue.

Again I would like to thank you all for joining, trash talking, and a big thank you to everyone giving us feedback on how to make the site better and more forum-like! Enjoy!