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    Would love to see this feature here, that way I can just watch a YouTube video that someone may post of a particular YouTuber or Guru without hanging to click out of the window etc.

    p.s Loving the site so far!


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    yeah we are going to implement a bbcode link or feature in the comment post box, but in the meantime you can use [ youtube ]shared video link here [/ youtube ] but without the spaces, also this link http://www.bbcode.org/reference.php you can use for reference until we get something permanent for users to use more effectively. sorry about that! i know its an inconvenience, just trying to work little by little with work and life in between! we will get everything sorted though!


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    I just post the link without the code and it works for some reason. I didn’t bother with the code because mobile links are so weird, I just went to post a direct link and boom, it was embedded 😉

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