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    She’s a blogger on The Revelist who is obsessed with herself and sees herself as special because she is fat.  A lot of her articles are her bitching about how it’s soooo easy for skinny chicks to find clothes and how there are so many nonsensical fashion rules for fat girls to follow and she’s gonna break all those rules…but she has to size up for every article of clothing because every company makes “her” size too small.  She’s convinced that she is a pear-shaped size 18/20 woman and wants everyone to kiss her butt for “daring” to show her midriff, wear skinny jeans, or other thing that other fat fashion bloggers have done long before she came along.


    Fabletics blog   She didn’t write this one, but it’s the one that made me snap for her dumbassness

    Her Wish Haul  I actually bought one of the things mentioned (Mermaid leggings)  in 5X  and they fit because I ACTUALLY FIT size 18/20 or 2X.  She is a solid 3X, so very little on Wish would fit her if she shopped her actual size.

    Hot Topic’s Little Mermaid Line This is where her delusion in size comes out. She says that the 3X is equal to 18/20, but Hot Topic’s size chart says 3X in plus is 22/24.  Some of Hot Topic’s clothes do run small, but not everything.

    The Rest of Her Articles


    I wouldn’t have such a problem with this girl if she would just be honest about her size and didn’t bitch so much in her articles.  It’s getting predictable.  She bitches about a company and wears the wrong size to “prove” they suck.  I think sometimes she just wants to complain so companies will send her stuff to prove they’re size-inclusive or something.  Anyway, she really bugs me and I really hope I’m not alone in this.

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