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    Hi admin Thanks for all the changes you continue to make.


    I wonder if there’s  a faster or easier way to navigate to different sections? Like a control panel on the top right for users to see all the threads we are subscribed to & favorited.. Instead of going into our profile every time, or going to Forum, beauty guru, then searching by name.


    Or a drop down menu that allows you to “jump to” another section… The drop down would list all the categories (beauty, youtuber, mommy drama etc) and main sections (Aprilathena7, Itsjudylife, foreverkailyn etc) under it


    Or even an A-Z thing where if you click the letter you get taken to a list of all sections  starting with that letter.


    Lastly the #s listed next to each name or section on the main forum page makes it a bit hard to read especially since we have so many new threads popping up all the time. I don’t think most people use the numbers or know what it’s for.

    It would probably be good for the site too if more users visit different sections and they are helping to make ytt grow.


    Thanks for reading this

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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