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    not shore if anyone saw this, I did report it hoping admin would see it, I’d make it but I have no clue if they’re beauty or ytber 😆


    LON wrote:
    TomBradysUggs wrote:
    Off topic but more and more people are starting to get sick and tired of all the problems on GG. It cannot be that difficult to get a better server right? I wish more people would come on YTT (not the annoying grannies) and more threads would become active on here.
    yes! I can’t read the young wild and polished, or organizedlikejen threads!!!! :angry2:
    I know this isn’t the place for this but I came here because of all of the issues and could someone start a young wild and polished thread here because gg sucks, she’s one of the only threads I read and it’s not on this website grrr.

    They say she has a gimpy layyyyg

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