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    Trash Talk here!


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    Okay, I know this thread is, um, super quiet. But I have a question that I’m sure YTT can answer!

    I haven’t watched Tanya in years, as I can’t bear the saccharine sweet vibe of her videos. I saw a mention of her fashion week blog on Gabriella’s thread and had a watch and need to know: has she had her lips done? They’re very plump, and plumper than I remember from a few years ago? But I haven’t paid much attention to her, so maybe it’s just they looked rather big because I hadn’t seen the in a while!


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    Seems like Tanya bear is drowning her sorrows in epic cocktail binges now that Jim has “mastered” the art of alcoholic drinks mixing.

    Certainly makes for an edgier if not so cohesive vlog. :newhere:

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