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    I absolutely love to pluck hairs. Like I’ll see a stray hair on my boyfriend’s chest and I’ll get the biggest urge to pluck it. And if I get to (sometimes if he’s not paying attention… I’m terrible lol) I get the biggest rush. A part of the rush is from plucking the hair but a part of it is from getting rid of the “stray” hair that was so far away and didn’t go with the others. Smh lol


    I do this too, in excess though. I focus on my arm and leg hairs instead of my scalp like I used to.  It’s more socially acceptable to have hairless arms and legs, rather than bald spots on your head y’know.  There’s an actual term for it but I’m too lazy to google it atm..

    What's up, Doc?

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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