You talk trash latest updates

Just updating the news section on the recent updates. Recently we have outgrown our shared hosting and purchased a full server, which some of you might have noticed the speed of the site. We have received new users, new data, new sections growing, new audiences and a lot more additional costs. But all of that is a great thing! It shows we are growing.

I have recently updated the layout to include a sidebar that has a donation widget. I have also improved a lot of layout features from behind the scenes items the help improve performance and usability. The mobile design is still the same but it has improved for easier use. One of the big things is making the overall font a tad bit larger for mobile devices and spacing some buttons out and making them larger on mobile as well.

Donations are always helpful especially with the new added costs of the server. You can donate on the right sidebar or use this link.

If you still have problems with logging in you can always view this thread. It has some helpful tips on viewing the site and logging in.

Oh, and we also have twitter now! 🙂


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